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Mark 2:27-28 – Taking A Sabbath.

For me, like for many of you Sunday is normally a very busy day.  We are out in the morning for church, often out for dinner, and sometimes out in the evening for the church prayer meeting or other things.

Sunday is the day that we take as our sabbath, so I have decided that it will be the day that I also take as a break from publishing this blog.  This means that I will only post at the most 6 posts a week running from Monday to Saturday, although I may well do less depending on circumstances, and on how well I manage to get ahead in writing the posts.

The thing is, I cannot  say that I will never write a post or anything else on a Sunday!  I always write in my devotional times, whatever day of the week!  That is one thing I always do the old-fashioned way, in an A5 spiral bound pad using fountain pens (a blue one for any Scripture, and a black one for anything else).  For some things I can think on the screen, but for my own times in the Word of God I find that I get less distracted doing with my laptop screen down!!!

Now I believe absolutely what Jesus said about the sabbath, ‘The sabbath was made for humankind, and not humankind for the sabbath’ (Mark 2:27 NRSV).  If we beat ourselves up about the sabbath as the Pharisees did then we are doing the opposite to what Jesus is proposing.  More than that he had a right to say it as we read in the next verse, ‘so the Son of Man is lord even of the sabbath.’ (Mark 2:28 NRSV).

Does the day you take as a sabbath rule your life? Or are both you and your sabbath submitted to the Lordship of Christ?  I’d love to hear you views.

Hello world!

I have just changed my blog as I was getting frustrated with the old one, and having started using wordpress for other things I find I get on with it better than the interface on the old one I had.

I am also making this more wide-ranging in what I blog, a bit of ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ but not quite Douglas Adams!

Here’s to the adventure!!!