Monthly Archives: October 2012

John 3:30 – No Motive But God.

Why do we do things?  It is to glorify God?  Or for self-advancement?  Is it to serve others?  Or for others to serve us?

Like most of us I shall be honest in that I find that my motives are normally more mixed than I would like.  All I can do is submit those motives to God and ask him to purify them so he can truly use me in all the ways that he wants.

I was playing Words with Friends on Facebook this evening and felt that God would speak to me through this rather ordinary game, and he did with amazing clarity.  I had the following letters M O T I V G and C (I think).  I could have made MOTIVE, but there were no Es free, but I could make GOD as there was a D spare.

Hence, ‘No motive but God’!

WOW!!!  What a challenge!  We see this purity of motive also in John the Baptist, only from this place can we truly say with him, ‘He must increase, but I must decrease’ (John 3:30 NRSV).  But you’re saying, ‘I’m not in that place but would like to be’, keep seeking God and asking him to help you to die to self.  He will, and you will grow too.

Lord Jesus, help us to be like John the Baptist and have ‘No motive but God’ in all that we do, so that all the glory may go to you and to you alone.  Amen!!!