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Galatians 3:3-4 – Keep Living in the Spirit…

Are you so foolish? Having started with the Spirit, are you now ending with the flesh? Did you experience so much for nothing? – if it really was for nothing. (Galatians 3:3-4 NRSV)

Paul still sounds exasperated with the Galatian Christians, and is still trying to get them to get their focus back where it should be – on living by faith and not by works.

This is such a challenge! Am I foolish like the Galatians? Are we? I would say that if you cannot hear the challenge of the first five verses of chapter 3 of Galatians then you are in a bad way! It is a damning indictment on any Christian or church if they can no longer even hear when God challenges them!

The Christian religion is a living and experiential faith – or at least it should be. True knowledge of God is not primarily theological (although theology is important). True knowledge of God is experiential and it is not to be a one off experience but a continuing experience of God’s mercy and grace.

Paul wants the Galatians to come back to where they once were. Back to living in the Spirit, back to living by faith, back to experiencing God afresh.

He also wants them away from where they are now. He wants them to move away from living in the flesh, and away from a life living only on past experiences.

Heavenly Father, help me to keep living in the Spirit and to always be open to be challenged by you to keep going and keep growing. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer is …

What is prayer?

Prayer is so simple, yet there are so many facets to it.  So, we shall be exploring what ‘Prayer is…’ in this series of posts.

The aim of this series will be to help you think about what prayer is, about how we relate to God in prayer, and about what prayer means to each of us.

As I get older I am able to reflect more on prayer.  In some cases, I consciously understand things I used to take for granted, in other cases, there are new things that I am discovering about prayer.  All these thoughts and musing I will share here.

Here are a few examples of things that ‘Prayer is…’, that I will explore:

  • Prayer is … Conversation;
  • Prayer is … Worship;
  • Prayer is … Intercession;
  • Prayer is … Liturgy.

I will look at many more things, and if you have any ideas of things about prayer you would like me to explore then please leave your suggestions in a comment on this post.

What does prayer mean to you?  Has your conception of prayer changed over time?  Are you growing in prayer or are you stuck in a rut?  Let’s look forward to growing in the adventure that is PRAYER!