Unreachable by Darrell Tunningly

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and would have read this book in one sitting if I hadn’t had to get up to have Sunday lunch and my in-laws!

This is one of those biographies that gets everything right!  The book is quite short (97 pages) and it is written in a very easy to read style.  You are given enough information of Darrell’s life before he encounters Jesus for the story to be real to you even if you have never experienced anything he talks about.  It is shared in such a way that does not sensationalize that life, but those who read it who are living similar lives to the life Darrell lived will connect with his straightforward honesty in describing things that happened in his life.

Darrell went to the first Alpha meeting to get out of bang-up on a Wednesday afternoon, and because there was going to be free coffee and biscuits!  ‘What I hadn’t expected were the people who had come in to run the course – two elderly nuns!  If I’d had to paint a picture of a “Christian” at this point in my life, it would have been cardigans, sandals and socks – you get the idea.  But nuns … well, what really amazed me was, I had never seen anybody who looked so old.’   The thing that struck me the most is how doing the little things well can speak volumes, ‘Everything in me was telling me to walk away and just do bang-up, but just then the coffee and biscuits arrived, and not just any old biscuits either, but Chocolate HobNobs!  That was it.  I was staying.’ 

We then read how he gives his life to Jesus, is filled with the Holy Spirit and goes on to serve Jesus both while still in prison and then at Hope Corner Community Church where he is still serving God today, and where he met his wife.  There is good balance in the book between his life before and life after, and how becoming a Christian is the start of a whole new life and adventure.

The thing that most stands out to me I will say now, this is one of the most anointed books I have read for a long time.  It is obvious that is has been written prayerfully by a man seeking to glorify his Lord and Saviour, and I know that God will greatly use this book as the Holy Spirit speaks through it to bring men and women to know him, and to encourage Christians that God can use them no matter how insignificant they may feel.  I shall leave the last word to Darrell as I quote his Introduction:

‘If you have picked up this book because you feel that you are so messed up that you are beyond fixing, that you have gone too far the wrong way to ever be given a second chance, then I pray that the story you are about to read will show you that nobody is beyond God’s forgiveness.
If you have picked up this book because you look at the lost in this world and wonder how “little old you” could possibly reach out to them, then I pray that you realize the great truth that God can use anyone – if they just follow where He leads.’
Rating:     10/10
Unreachable by Darrell Tunningly.
ISBN:        978-1852405892
Kindle:      Unreachable

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