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10th – 16th June 2013 – Psalm 2 and Ephesians 1:19 – God’s Sovereign Power.

This is this week’s Kingdom Revival Prayer outline for personal or corporate use. Please use it as prayer fuel…

Kingdom Revival Prayer

Worship Focus: Psalm 2.

 God is still on the throne, and Jesus is still seated at the right hand of his Father in heaven in the place of absolute authority. We worship God in his power and majesty. He alone is almighty and all powerful and glorious beyond measure. Let’s worship our Heavenly Father. We may only see that the same-sex marriage bill has got through the House of Lords, but God can see beyond that. He can see a nation which is more open than ever to the Good News we have in Jesus. Praise him that now is the time to advance rather than to retreat!

Word Focus: Ephesians 1:19.

Paul prays that the Ephesian Christians my know, ‘what is the immeasurable greatness of his power for us who believe, according to the working of his great power’ (Ephesians 1:19 NRSV). In this verse Paul uses four…

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