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7th – 13th October 2013 – Isaiah 6:1-13. – God’s Glorious Holiness.

The Kingdom Revival prayer outline for 7th – 13th October 2013.

Kingdom Revival Prayer

Worship Focus: Isaiah 6:1-4.

Whether or have had a direct encounter with either the Father, or the Lord Jesus in heavenly glory or not, you cannot get away from the force of this encounter that Isaiah has with God. Let’s praise and worship God together for who he is, completely holy, glorious beyond measure and yet merciful enough to let us be touched by his glory.

Word Focus: Isaiah 6:1-13.

This is one of the awesome encounters with God’s glory that we find in the Bible, and that some like myself have experience since. In a true encounter with the glory of God there will be certain hallmarks of that encounter.
  • When God manifests his glory is has weight. In this encounter we do not read of Isaiah’s position (was he standing, seated or face down), but in all other Biblical accounts when a person describes their position and from…

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Galatians 3:2 – Receiving the Spirit.

The only thing I want to learn from you is this: Did you receive the Spirit by doing the works of the law or by believing what you heard? (Galatians 3:2 NRSV)

Asking questions is powerful! Here Paul challenges the Galatians on a central point of their faith. He wants to know how they received the Holy Spirit – was it by works or by faith.

This is such a pivotal question, and it is also a rhetorical question, Paul knows that the Galatians really know the answer already, they have just forgotten it!

If we received the Holy Spirit by our own works in fulfilling the law, then Jesus’ death is worth nothing. The Holy Spirit could not indwell us as we could not be filled with him if we still had unclean hearts, and we would not live in the power of the Spirit as all works would continue to be done in our own strength alone.

If we received the Holy Spirit by faith, then Jesus’ death on the cross was effective at cancelling sin. He was also physically resurrected from the dead and ascended into heaven from where he sent the Holy Spirit who played a vital part in our accepting Jesus as Saviour. When we were baptized in the Holy Spirit we were empowered to live for God and serve him, and to perform the good works that he had prepared in advance for us to do.

It is not by doing good works that we receive the Holy Spirit, but by receiving the Holy Spirit that we are able to do good works!

Lord Jesus, thank you that baptize us in the Holy Spirit whom we can only receive through faith and believing in your promises. Amen.