Listening is a bit of a lost art these days. Let’s shut up and start listening!


There is a lot of competition out there as to who gets the last word.Who has the final say.Who gets to make the closing remarks.The final point.The concluding statement.

Lots of oratory.Much vox pop.Spokesmen and spokeswomen for this and that.

But perhaps God was dropping a hint in creating us with two ears and just the one mouth.

The one type of person in high premium nowadays is the patient listener.Many is the time that you hear people say that they longed for a sympathetic hearer.Sometimes all a person requires is to tell their story without being interrupted or judged.

Sometimes being heard is therapeutic enough.Often people just need to get something off their chest.What a relief it can be

Let us learn the art of being a good listener.There is a veritable shortage of them.

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