Daily Archives: May 1, 2013

Watch This Space…

I’m going to start posting prayer outlines on my other blog and am doing some more work on it, let’s get praying together in unity not uniformity!

Kingdom Revival Prayer

I am now working on completely revamping this blog. I have just changed the theme and am going to be putting some resources and information on the site. This will give you information about using the outlines either in personal prayer or in prayer meetings, and sharing the concept behind Kingdom Revival Prayer. I shall in due course set up a Facebook page for Kingdom Revival Prayer, and will publicize things as I am going along.

I plan on posting my first prayer meeting outline this Friday for use next week, and will be adding more resources to the site as I go along. I hope this initiative will help all Christians to pray together in unity not uniformity across the UK and even worldwide as Scripture based prayer outlines are a resource that knows no boundaries.

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