Kingdom Prayer Movement

God has given me a national vision for growing prayer in the nation and a vision for stadium prayer including for stadium evangelistic events, the aim is not to do what is already being done, but to promote those ministries in the areas (geographical or spiritual) where they work. The aim is to reach across all streams and denominations and to play a part in the work of growing prayer in this land that God has been doing for a long time, and to play its part in seeing revival in this land. Here is a short précis of what I envisage its work will be (I am currently re-writing the complete vision statement).


Growing Kingdom Prayer in the Kingdom of God.

The KPM is a movement that aims to encourage growth of prayer within the church by:

1. Networking church leaders, prayer leaders and prayer ministries nationally, regionally and locally both in person, through social media and a website.

2. Equipping churches and the saints in prayer through conferences, consultancy work, preaching, teaching and training, and the Kingdom Revival Prayer initiative encouraging the church to pray with unity, not uniformity.

3. Supporting other para-church ministries and church leaders through raising up prayer support, helping them to develop prayer strategies for initiatives, legacy after initiatives, stadium prayer and backstage prayer support.

4. Transforming the way prayer is viewed and taught and bringing it back to the Kingdom pattern established by Jesus, and transforming the way prayer support is asked for by para-church ministries. This is about praying and working together to see God’s Kingdom come and will be done on earth as it already is in heaven, to pray for revival and be the revival, to see the Kingdom United in the United Kingdom and beyond.

One response to “Kingdom Prayer Movement

  1. Apostle Okechukwu

    Can we work together to revive prayer in Africa too? I’m feeling a great revival in Africa but through prayer. Can we make this happen together?

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