Praying Scripture #1 – Prayers For All Seasons

When you pray, what do you pray in all the different seasons of life?

Prayer is simply how we talk and communicate with God.  If we look at it that way then to pray without ceasing is not difficult as all we are doing is including God in all our thoughts.  This means that God wants to know about all we think and do, and all that we are involved in.

What guidelines do we have about how to pray, both in our prayer times and during the rest of the day?  We have guidelines in the Bible.  We can see how to pray from seeing how others have prayed before us, and it may surprise some of us the variety of prayer in the Bible.  I’m not giving references on purpose, you will learn much more if you find examples for yourself.

We see prayers of praise and worship, and prayers of thanksgiving.  Prayers that ask God the difficult questions of life, and prayers of frustration.  Prayers asking for vindication, and prayers that ask God to act justly and rightly.  Prayers of faith, and prayers asked out of doubt and uncertainty.  Prayers that God answers, and prayers that he doesn’t.  It is all there, written down for us to see and read, and most of all for us to pray!

From the Bible we can see that God responds to all prayer (though not always how we hope him to) except for one type which he hates.  The prayer that God hates is that of the hypocrites, the religious actors.  We all pray like them at times, we try to make something more palatable to God when he already knows the whole truth.  Some people have it down to a fine art, but God will not be misled or mocked.

God wants to hear all you can say, but there is another thing that I advise you not to do.  Do not blame God!  Complain at him, yes!  Tell him it’s not fair, yes! Blame him, no!  If you do you will only have to repent of it later and say sorry for laying at God’s door what you should be attributing to either the world, the flesh or the devil.

If you don’t know how to pray, look how others have prayed that have gone before you.  There are prayers for all seasons in the Bible, look for the ones most relevant to you in whatever season you are in and try basing your own prayer upon them.  You may be surprised at what you find, and surprised at how God changes you by applying that Scripture to your own life as you bring it to him in prayer.

Heavenly Father, help me to incorporate scripture in my prayers, and as I pray your Word and submit myself to it, change me and grow me in whatever season of life I am in. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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