Day 2. Believe – To Get Up Early … Or Not!!!

The challenges for Day 2 were twofold.  The first was to believe that I am a writer, you can see my response in Day 2. Believe – I Write Because I Am A Writer.  The second was to get up 2 hours earlier than normal to write.

Before I say anything else I must say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who did both of these.  I take my hat off to you! Or at least I would if I was wearing one!

I, however, did not do the second challenge.  I do not fall into the group of people who did not do it out of sloth, indolence or indifference.  I did not get up early due to a situation out of my control, and I am quite sure that there others who fall into this category.

My son, Isaac, had a cough and cold, and although it went a while ago he still sometimes wakes up coughing in the night – which he did last night.  Also recently my asthma has been really bad and I had to take oral steroids for 5 days to help sort it out.  I had minimal side effects (thanks to God who answers prayer), but it still disrupted my sleep patterns a bit.  Putting the two together getting up early this morning ended up not possible.

To everyone else in a similar position, be encouraged.  You are not a failure, you can still get that time later in the day.  I shall be honest that I may not be able to set the time aside first thing in the day.

I mainly write either first thing in the morning or last thing at night, although I can sometimes get some done during the day.  I often find the late evening the best time and push myself to stay up then even if I would like to be in bed!  Other mornings God wakes me up at about 4a.m., but not all the time.

It would be nice to have a set place to work (which I currently don’t as we live in two bedroom flat we have seriously outgrown), and to be able to schedule set working times (with a 3 yr old son and a husband who works irregular hours) it is difficult.

I am, by no means, less committed to these 15 days than anyone else and nor are those others who are in similar situations.  Let’s encourage one another on, and perhaps more importantly encourage ourselves on!  If we cut ourselves some slack in areas where we have to make compromises, then we will be able to keep going if things get really tough in other areas.

Let’s stop be our own worst enemies and greatest critics, and start being our own best friends and greatest encouragers.  Let’s do this and see what we can accomplish!!!

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