Day 2. Believe – I Write Because I Am A Writer.

I write because I am a writer.  This may seem obvious, but so often we think the converse is true.  I am a writer because I write.

The question is, ‘What defines me?’, is it what I do, or what I am?  Here is another example.  Does going to church or praying make you a Christian? No!  But if you are a Christian then you will go to church and pray.

If you or I take our definition and identity from what we do, then we are never secure.  We are like butterflies, we may seem beautiful, but we are fragile and are easily blown around by what is going on outside us, we have no real inner strength.  It is true from Chaos Theory that there is the butterfly effect where one wing beat could cause a hurricane, but there is no intentionality or real control of the situation.  You are like a ripple in a pond, just a part of the larger whole.

If, on the other hand, I know who I am regardless of what I am doing then I am always secure.  Then I am like a mighty eagle.  I am strong and powerful, and it will take quite a lot to blow me off course.  I know that I have an effect on things, but what I do is not just by accident; it is intentional, it is planned.  I am like a pebble cast into the pond.  I initiate things, I make waves!

So I write because I am a writer.  I am a Christian, saved by the grace and mercy of God.  Like Richard Teasdale this is central to my writing, it has been ever since I became a Christian which is now over 22 years ago.  I am a writer. Yes, I am!  But I am only a writer because that is how God has made me.  I want to use this gift for the encouragement and edification of others and to the glory of God!

2 responses to “Day 2. Believe – I Write Because I Am A Writer.

  1. Good one. Maybe someday I will find the power to see myself as a writer… I failed this challenge because of the first task, but no matter what I believe, writing sets me free so I’m happy with it.

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